How to Create and Run a Pixelmon Server: A Step-by-Step Tutorial


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A pixelmon server is a Minecraft server that allows players to enjoy the combination of both Pokémon and Minecraft in one exciting gameplay experience. If you’re a fan of both worlds, creating your own pixelmon server can be a great way to bring your vision to life and share it with others. Whether you want to create a community for friends, host events, or simply explore the pixelmon universe with others, setting up your own server can provide endless hours of fun and adventure.

By creating your own pixelmon server, you have the power to shape the gameplay experience according to your preferences and those of your friends. It’s an opportunity to create a unique world where players can catch, train, and battle their favorite Pokémon within the familiar Minecraft environment. Whether you want to recreate iconic Pokémon locations or design your own custom arenas, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Not only does creating a pixelmon server allow you to have complete control over the gameplay experience, but it also enables you to cultivate a thriving community of like-minded players. You can invite your friends to join in on the fun or open the server to the public and meet new players who share your passion for pixelmon. Together, you can embark on exciting quests, test your skills in thrilling battles, and work together to build an ever-evolving world.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details of setting up your own pixelmon server, it’s important to note that this guide assumes you have a basic understanding of Minecraft and its mechanics. If you’re new to Minecraft, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the game first before delving into the world of pixelmon. Once you have a solid understanding of the game, you’re ready to embark on your pixelmon server creation journey!

This guide will take you through the step-by-step process of setting up a pixelmon server, from choosing the right server hosting provider to configuring the necessary plugins and mods. We will also explore some essential tips and tricks to enhance the gameplay experience and ensure a smooth-running server. So, get ready to unleash your creativity and embark on an exciting adventure with your very own pixelmon server!

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Thank you for reading the “How to Make a Pixelmon Server” article on the website []( We hope this guide has provided you with the necessary information and inspiration to create your own pixelmon server. With your dedication and creativity, you can build a thriving community and embark on exciting pixelmon adventures with friends and fellow trainers. So, what are you waiting for? Start your pixelmon server journey today and let the Pokémon and Minecraft worlds collide!

Gather the necessary materials

Gather the necessary materials

In order to set up a pixelmon server, there are certain materials and software that you will need to gather beforehand. This section will provide you with a detailed list of the required items, ensuring that you have everything you need to get started.

The first thing you will need is a computer or a dedicated server to host your pixelmon server. Ensure that your computer or server meets the minimum system requirements for running the pixelmon mod and server software smoothly. This includes having a compatible operating system, sufficient RAM, and a decent processor.

Next, you will need to acquire the pixelmon mod, which is necessary for adding the pixelmon creatures to your server. You can download the mod from the official pixelmon website or from other trusted sources. Make sure to select the version that is compatible with your Minecraft server’s version.

Additionally, you will need a licensed copy of Minecraft to install the pixelmon mod and set up your server. If you don’t have Minecraft, you can purchase it from the official website or through other authorized platforms.

Once you have the necessary hardware and software, you will also need a stable internet connection. A server-hosting plan with high upload speeds is recommended to ensure smooth gameplay for all players on your pixelmon server.

Furthermore, it is essential to have a reliable and up-to-date antivirus program installed on your computer or server. This will help protect your system from potential threats and ensure the security of your pixelmon server.

Lastly, gather any additional materials you may need, such as a microphone for voice communication if you plan to interact with other players, a webcam for streaming your gameplay, or any other peripherals you prefer to enhance your pixelmon server experience.

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Thank you for reading our article on how to make a pixelmon server. We hope that this guide has provided you with the necessary information and steps to successfully set up your own pixelmon server. Remember to gather all the required materials, including a computer or dedicated server, the pixelmon mod, a licensed copy of Minecraft, and a stable internet connection. Don’t forget to ensure the security of your system with an antivirus program, and consider any additional materials or peripherals that may enhance your gameplay. Enjoy your pixelmon server and have fun exploring the pixelmon world!

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Installing the Pixelmon mod

Installing the Pixelmon mod

If you want to enhance your Minecraft experience by adding the Pixelmon mod, which allows you to catch, train, and battle Pokémon in the world of Minecraft, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to install the Pixelmon mod on your Minecraft server. So, let’s dive in and get started!

Step 1: Download and install Forge

In order to install the Pixelmon mod, you will first need to install the Forge mod loader. Forge is a platform that allows you to install and run mods on your Minecraft server. To download Forge, visit the official Forge website and select the version that corresponds to your Minecraft server. Once the download is complete, double-click the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install Forge.

Step 2: Download the Pixelmon mod

After successfully installing Forge, it’s time to download the Pixelmon mod. Open your preferred web browser and visit a trusted modding website, such as CurseForge or Pixelmon’s official website. Search for the Pixelmon mod and make sure to choose a version that is compatible with the version of Minecraft you are running on your server. Once you find the desired version, click the download button and save the mod file to your computer.

Step 3: Install the Pixelmon mod

Now that you have the Pixelmon mod file, it’s time to install it on your Minecraft server. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Access your server files. This can usually be done through a file manager provided by your server hosting company or through a FTP client.
  2. Locate the “mods” folder within your server files. It is typically located in the root directory.
  3. Drag and drop the Pixelmon mod file into the “mods” folder.
  4. Restart your Minecraft server to apply the changes and load the Pixelmon mod.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Pixelmon mod on your Minecraft server. You can now start exploring the world of Pokémon within Minecraft and embark on exciting adventures as a Pokémon trainer!

Remember to always use trusted sources when downloading mods and to regularly update them to ensure compatibility with your Minecraft server version.

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Thank you for reading our guide on how to make a Pixelmon server. We hope that this article has provided you with the necessary steps to successfully install the Pixelmon mod and start your Pokémon journey in Minecraft. With the Pixelmon mod, you can now catch, train, and battle your favorite Pokémon in the vast and limitless world of Minecraft. So gather your friends, dive into the world of Pixelmon, and let the adventures begin! Happy gaming!

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Setting up the server

Setting up the server

Setting up a Pixelmon server is an exciting endeavor that allows you to create your own Pokémon adventure. To begin, you need to configure the server settings to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience for you and your friends.

The first step is to decide on a server name. This is the name that will appear in the server list, so choose something creative and catchy that reflects the theme of your server. Whether it’s a name inspired by the Pokémon world or a unique name of your own creation, make sure it stands out and captures the attention of potential players.

Next, you’ll need to determine the difficulty level of your server. This setting determines the level of challenge players will face while exploring and battling Pokémon. You can choose between different difficulty options, such as easy, normal, or hard, depending on the preferences of your players. A balanced difficulty level ensures that both beginners and experienced players can enjoy the game without feeling overwhelmed or bored.

Another crucial setting to consider is the player limit. This determines how many players can join your server simultaneously. Think about the number of friends or players you expect to have on your server at any given time. Set a player limit that allows for a comfortable and lag-free gameplay experience. Keep in mind that higher player limits might require more server resources, so ensure your hosting plan can handle the expected player load.

Remember that these server settings can be adjusted later if needed, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find the perfect balance for your server. Once you have configured all the necessary settings, you are ready to embark on your Pixelmon adventure with your friends!

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Thank you for reading this guide on how to make a Pixelmon server. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a unique and exciting gaming experience for yourself and your friends. Whether you want to explore the Pokémon world, battle against other players, or simply enjoy the thrill of capturing and training Pokémon, a Pixelmon server offers endless possibilities.

For more resources and information on Pixelmon and other topics, be sure to visit They provide a wealth of knowledge and tools to enhance your gaming experience. Have fun and happy Pixelmon gaming!

Configuring Pixelmon settings

Configuring Pixelmon settings

Configuring Pixelmon settings is an essential step in setting up a pixelmon server. These settings allow you to fine-tune various aspects of the game, including spawn rates, item drops, and biome distribution. With these adjustments, you can create a unique and customized pixelmon experience for you and your players.

1. Spawn rates:

Spawn rates

One of the first settings you will want to configure is the spawn rates of pixelmon. This determines how frequently different pixelmon species appear in the game. You can adjust the spawn rates according to your preference, be it making certain species more common or rarer. This customization allows you to create a pixelmon server tailored to your desired gameplay experience.

2. Item drops:

Item drops

Item drops play a significant role in pixelmon, as they determine what items players can obtain from defeating pixelmon. By configuring the item drops, you can control the rarity and variety of items that players can acquire. This gives you the freedom to create a unique item economy within your pixelmon server and enhance the overall gameplay experience.

3. Biome distribution:

Biome distribution

Biome distribution settings allow you to dictate where different pixelmon spawn based on the biome they are naturally found in. You can adjust these settings to create a more realistic or diverse pixelmon world. For example, you can make water-type pixelmon more abundant near oceans or rivers, or you can place certain rare species in specific biomes to make them more challenging to find. These adjustments enable you to shape your pixelmon server’s environment according to your vision.

4. Time and weather:

Time and weather

In pixelmon, time and weather conditions can influence the appearance of different pixelmon species. By configuring the time and weather settings, you can control when and where specific pixelmon spawn. For example, you can make certain legendary pixelmon appear only during specific weather conditions or at particular times of the day. This customization adds depth and excitement to your pixelmon server, allowing players to embark on unique adventures depending on the in-game time and weather.

5. Evolution settings:

Evolution settings

Evolution settings are crucial in determining how pixelmon evolve within your server. You can adjust the requirements and conditions for evolution, such as level, friendship, or presence of specific items. These settings allow you to offer a different and challenging evolution experience for pixelmon trainers. You can create unique evolution paths or introduce custom evolution methods, adding an extra layer of strategy and excitement to the game.

In conclusion, configuring pixelmon settings is an essential step in creating a pixelmon server that offers a unique and personalized gameplay experience. Whether it’s adjusting spawn rates, item drops, biome distribution, time and weather, or evolution settings, each customization brings depth and excitement to your pixelmon world. So, don’t hesitate to experiment and create the perfect pixelmon server for you and your players.

Thank you for reading the how to make a pixelmon server article on the website We hope this guide helps you in setting up a fantastic pixelmon server that brings joy and adventure to all its players.

Creating player ranks and permissions

Creating player ranks and permissions

In order to enhance the gameplay experience on your Pixelmon server, it is important to create different player ranks with specific permissions. This allows for a more organized and controlled environment, giving players a sense of progression and accomplishment. Here’s how you can create player ranks and assign permissions:

1. Determine the ranks: Start by deciding how many ranks you want to have on your server. Typically, servers have a few basic ranks such as “Guest,” “Member,” “VIP,” and “Staff.” However, you can create as many ranks as you like, each with its own set of permissions.

2. Assign permissions: Next, you need to determine what permissions each rank should have. Permissions control what actions players can perform on the server. For example, you may want your staff members to have access to commands like teleportation and banning, while regular players can only use basic commands like messaging and trading.

3. Use a permissions plugin: In order to assign permissions to different ranks, you will need to use a permissions plugin. Popular options include “LuckPerms” and “PermissionsEx” for the Minecraft Java Edition, and “PEX” for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. These plugins allow you to easily manage and configure permissions for each rank.

4. Set up the permissions plugin: Once you have chosen a permissions plugin, you will need to install it on your server. Each plugin has its own setup instructions, so make sure to follow the documentation provided by the plugin developer. Common steps include adding the plugin to your server’s plugins folder and configuring the permissions file.

5. Create and assign ranks: With the permissions plugin installed, you can now create the ranks and assign their respective permissions. This usually involves using commands or editing configuration files, depending on the plugin you are using. Refer to the plugin’s documentation for specific instructions on creating and assigning ranks.

6. Customize rank names and colors: To make the ranks more visually appealing and distinguishable, you can customize their names and colors. For example, you can set different colors for each rank’s name in the chat or above their character. This gives players a clear indication of who has what rank, further enhancing the teamwork and community aspect of your server.

Customizing rank names and colors can be done through the permissions plugin or through a separate plugin specifically designed for rank customization. Again, refer to the plugin’s documentation or search for appropriate plugins online to find the best method for your server.

By creating different player ranks with specific permissions, you can enhance the gameplay experience on your Pixelmon server. Players will feel a sense of progression and status as they advance through the ranks, while also having access to unique abilities and commands. This creates a dynamic and engaging environment, attracting more players to join and stay on your server for a longer time.

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Thank you for reading the how to make a Pixelmon server article on the website We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights on how to create player ranks and permissions on your server. By implementing this feature, you can significantly improve the gameplay experience and foster a strong and dedicated community.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to explore more resources on or reach out to the Pixelmon community for support. Happy gaming!

Adding plugins and mods

Adding Plugins and Mods

One of the most exciting aspects of running a Pixelmon server is the ability to customize and enhance its functionality by adding plugins and mods. These additional features can greatly enhance the overall gaming experience for players and make your server stand out from the rest. In this section, we will explore how to discover, install, and manage plugins and mods for your Pixelmon server.

When it comes to discovering plugins and mods for your Pixelmon server, there are several reliable sources to consider. Websites such as CurseForge, Spigot, and Bukkit offer a wide range of plugins and mods specifically designed for Minecraft servers. These platforms provide comprehensive lists of available plugins and mods, along with user ratings and reviews to help you make informed decisions.

Once you have identified the plugins and mods you want to install, it’s time to proceed with the installation process. The first step is to ensure that your server is compatible with the plugin or mod you wish to add. Check the compatibility requirements, as some plugins and mods may be designed for specific Minecraft versions or server platforms.

Next, you will need to access your server’s files using a file transfer protocol (FTP) client or through a server management panel, such as Multicraft. Locate the “plugins” folder in your server’s directory and upload the plugin files to this folder. Make sure to follow any installation instructions provided by the plugin or mod creators.

After uploading the plugin files, you will need to restart your server to activate the newly installed plugins. Once the server is back online, you can configure the settings of each plugin or mod through the server management panel or by modifying the plugin’s configuration files directly. This allows you to customize the behavior and features of the added plugins to suit your server’s needs.

It’s important to note that adding plugins and mods to your Pixelmon server may introduce compatibility issues or increase the server’s resource usage. Therefore, it’s recommended to install only trusted and well-maintained plugins from reputable sources. Carefully read user reviews and ratings for plugins and mods before installation to ensure they are reliable and won’t cause any server instability or security risks.

Regularly updating your plugins and mods is crucial to maintain a stable and secure server environment. Many plugin creators release updates to address bugs, introduce new features, and improve performance. Make it a habit to check for updates on a regular basis and apply them to your server to ensure optimal functionality and security.

In conclusion, adding plugins and mods is a fantastic way to enhance your Pixelmon server’s functionality and provide an immersive gaming experience for players. By exploring reputable sources, installing compatible plugins, and staying up to date with updates and patches, you can create a customized server that stands out among the rest. Happy gaming!

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Thank you for reading the “How to Make a Pixelmon Server” article on the website We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights and useful techniques to create and manage your very own Pixelmon server. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can offer an enjoyable and unique gaming experience to your players. Remember to regularly update your server, monitor its performance, and engage with the community to keep your server thriving. Good luck on your Pixelmon server adventure!

Customize the server’s appearance

Customize the server's appearance

When it comes to running a Pixelmon server, having a unique and visually appealing appearance can make a big difference in attracting players. Fortunately, you have various options to customize the server’s appearance, from changing the textures to adding a custom logo. This section will guide you through the steps on how to personalize your Pixelmon server’s appearance to make it stand out from the rest.

One way to customize the appearance of your Pixelmon server is by changing the textures. Textures refer to the visual elements used to represent different in-game items, blocks, and Pokémon. By modifying the textures, you can give your server a distinct look and feel. To change the textures, you will need to find or create texture packs that suit your preferences. Once you have downloaded or created the desired texture pack, you can easily apply it to your server by following the instructions provided with the pack.

In addition to changing textures, adding a custom logo is another effective way to personalize your Pixelmon server. A logo represents the identity of your server and can help players recognize and remember it. Creating a logo can be done using various graphic design tools or hiring a professional designer. Once you have your logo ready, you can upload it to your server’s website, server interfaces, or plugins. This will help create a cohesive and professional look for your server.

When customizing the server’s appearance, it is important to consider the overall theme and atmosphere you want to create. Whether you aim for a futuristic, medieval, or nature-inspired server, the appearance should align with the desired ambiance. Take the time to explore different textures and logo designs that match your theme and make your server visually appealing to your target audience.

Besides changing textures and adding a logo, you can also consider other ways to customize the appearance of your Pixelmon server. For example, you can create custom banners or signs that display relevant information about the server. These can be placed in key locations within the game to provide players with important announcements, rules, or server events. Moreover, you can experiment with different color schemes or decorative elements to make your server visually captivating.

Remember that the key to successfully customizing your Pixelmon server’s appearance is to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Take inspiration from other servers, online communities, or even real-life concepts to create a unique and immersive experience for players. Continuously update and fine-tune the appearance of your server to keep it fresh and exciting.

In conclusion, personalizing the appearance of your Pixelmon server is essential in creating a distinct and eye-catching experience for players. By changing the textures, adding a custom logo, and considering other visual elements, you can make your server stand out from the rest. Remember to align the appearance with your desired theme and continuously update it to maintain player engagement. So, grab your tools and start customizing your Pixelmon server today!

Thank you for reading the “How to Make a Pixelmon Server” article on the website We hope this guide has provided valuable insights and inspired you to create your own unique and visually appealing Pixelmon server.

If you want to learn more about creating a pixelmon server, check out this tutorial. It provides step-by-step instructions and helpful tips for getting started.

Invite players to join

Invite players to join

Once you have set up your pixelmon server, the next step is to invite players to join and start enjoying the game. There are several strategies you can use to accomplish this, such as sharing the server IP address with friends or promoting it on gaming platforms.

One of the most effective ways to invite players to join your pixelmon server is by sharing the server IP address with your friends. This can be done through various means, including messaging apps, social media platforms, or even in-person conversations. By directly sharing the IP address, you ensure that your friends have easy access to your server and can join with just a few clicks.

Another strategy to get players to join your pixelmon server is by promoting it on gaming platforms. Many dedicated gaming platforms, forums, and communities exist where you can advertise your server. These platforms usually have specific sections or threads dedicated to server promotion, allowing you to showcase the unique features of your pixelmon server and attract interested players. Make sure to provide a detailed description and highlight any special features or plugins your server offers to entice potential players.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of social media platforms to spread the word about your pixelmon server. Create posts or tweets with captivating visuals and compelling descriptions, showcasing the unique aspects of your server. Encourage your friends and followers to share these posts to reach an even broader audience. Additionally, you can join existing pixelmon communities on social media and actively participate in discussions, subtly mentioning your server when appropriate. Building a strong online presence can significantly increase the chances of attracting players to join your server.

In addition to online platforms, you can also consider hosting events or tournaments on your pixelmon server to generate interest and encourage more players to join. Organize exciting challenges or competitions with enticing rewards to motivate players to participate. This can create a buzz around your server and attract both existing players and new ones who are looking for a thrilling gaming experience.

Lastly, don’t forget the power of word-of-mouth marketing. If you have friends who are also avid pixelmon players, ask them to spread the word about your server within their circles. Personal recommendations often carry significant weight in attracting new players. Establishing a positive and inclusive community on your server will also encourage existing players to invite their friends to join.

In conclusion, inviting players to join your pixelmon server can be done through various strategies. Sharing the server IP address with friends, promoting it on gaming platforms, utilizing social media platforms, hosting events, and encouraging word-of-mouth marketing are all effective ways to attract new players. By implementing these strategies and creating an enjoyable gaming environment, you can build a thriving community of pixelmon players on your server.

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After exploring the various aspects of setting up a Pixelmon server, it is evident that creating your own server can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Let’s recap the key points discussed throughout this article:

1. Pixelmon: We started by introducing Pixelmon, a popular mod that combines the exciting world of Pokémon with the block-building adventure of Minecraft.

2. Server Hosting: We discussed the importance of choosing a reliable server hosting provider to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience for players.

3. Minecraft Version: It is crucial to select the compatible Minecraft version for your Pixelmon server to ensure all the necessary features and functionalities work seamlessly.

4. Installing Pixelmon Mod: We provided a step-by-step guide on how to properly install the Pixelmon mod, ensuring that players can immerse themselves in the world of Pokémon in Minecraft.

5. Plugins and Mods: We highlighted the benefits of using plugins and mods to enhance the gameplay experience, such as adding additional functionalities and customizations.

6. Server Settings: We touched upon the importance of configuring server settings, including adjusting spawn rates, enabling PvP battles, and setting up player permissions.

7. Building and Landscaping: We explored the creative aspect of setting up a Pixelmon server, discussing the possibilities of building Pokémon-themed gyms, arenas, and landscapes.

8. Community and Moderation: We emphasized the significance of fostering a positive and inclusive community on the server, as well as implementing moderation measures to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all players.

9. Advertising and Promotion: We provided suggestions on how to effectively advertise and promote your Pixelmon server to attract a vibrant player base.

10. Ongoing Maintenance and Updates: In our final section, we discussed the essential aspect of ongoing maintenance, including regularly updating the server, addressing technical issues, and continuously engaging with the community.

With all these considerations in mind, starting your own Pixelmon server can be a fulfilling endeavor. Not only will you have the chance to create a unique gaming experience for yourself and others, but you will also have the opportunity to join a thriving community of Pokémon and Minecraft enthusiasts.

Thank you for reading this comprehensive guide on how to make a Pixelmon server. If you are interested in exploring more gaming-related resources, be sure to check out, a website that offers a wide range of icons and design elements to enhance your gaming projects.

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